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IVF Failure

How to deal with IVF Failure?

The feeling of breathing and growing someone inside you, is just amazing and no one can describe this feeling in words for failed IVF treatment. Sometimes due to unexplained reasons, the embryos transplant during IVF treatment, consistently fail to implant and results in IVF failure.

IVF is not a miracle solution for infertility, instead it’s true that it is the most successful treatment when all other ART techniques have failed. One of the reasons for IVF failure is the abnormality of embryos or they may be chromosomally abnormal, due to which they fail to implant.

Failed IVF cycle is a heart wrenching condition as your dreams are shattered and your money also goes down. The couple starts losing hope on becoming parents again. Actually infertility specialists are also not able to give the answer after failure, but as a human being, we are curious to know why did my cycle fail? And what are the other chances to conceive again? Etc.

Giving the exact reason for IVF failure is not always feasible to describe to the patient as still there is no way to find out which embryo is genetically normal and which is not. Patients are not comfortable with the fact that their doctor is not aware about the real cause of IVF failure and they start doubting on the doctor efforts and experience. In this condition, you need to understand that doctor is not a God and the procedure is not a miracle, every treatment has its own risks involved and there is no valid explanation for an IVF failure.

You can go for second IVF cycle, advisable after one week and if you feel scary in second chance, can try for natural remedies and take a leap of faith, as there are various ways available to treat infertility. Put together your all hopes and try to hope for better.

Secondly we suggest to check or review the clinic facility you choose and you have right to ask the reasons for IVF failure, so feel free to ask any query about the risk and benefits involved in the treatment procedure and it would be good to change doctor and clinic as well, if felt.

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