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Male Infertility

Male factor is at least partly responsible in about 50% of infertile couples and may be the sole reason for couples who are unable to conceive after one year of sexual intercourse. Studies reveal that one out of every five couple, suffering the trauma of infertility and not because of only female health issues, as both are equally responsible for the conception.

Various reasons are there which give rise to male infertility such as smoking, alcohol intake, exercising, exposures to environmental hazards, inadequate diet, wearing tight under wear, excessive stress etc. The main reason for male infertility is the abnormalities of the sperm like low sperm count, poor sperm movement, sperm absence and hormonal deficiencies etc.

Male infertility treatment is as complex as female infertility, it is advisable to go for fertility test, so that with the help of physical examination, doctor will check the quality and quantity of sperm, which is an important part for the semen analysis and can detect the problems with sperm motility, sperm morphology, azoospermia and oligospermia etc.

Depending on the result of physical examination, it is easy to determine the type of male infertility treatment such as:

  • The man who have blockage in the genital tract that prevents the passage of sperm between the testes to the penis, which results in the absence of sperm, known as azoospermia. In this condition, sperm is obtain by a surgical operation from the tubes and can be used in the ICSI and IVF treatment.
  • Due to the hormones deficiency from the pituitary gland which mainly controls the testicular function, sperm motility affects which affects less than 1% of infertile men. This can be treated with the help of some injections of hormones preparations.
  • Some genetic causes are also there for male infertility which requires investigation and with the proper counseling it can be treated as well.
  • Other condition may cause poor semen quality but facts has not been proved that treatments improve the semen quality, instead by avoiding smoking, alcohol and other drugs which affects the sperm quality, anxiety, mental stress etc is the only way to improve semen quality.

We understand your emotion and concern of becoming parent, with the help of our expert team approach and infertility specialist, we deliver our best to help you to expand your family.

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