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MESA (microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration), is a new refined diagnostic technique and development of IVF, basically used to provide needed sperm for IVF procedure. This technique is used when few sperm are available or sperm of low quality are used, such as in azoospermia and offers a great hope for several childless fathers, as it is mainly used for male infertility.

For infertile couples, MESA appears to maximize the opportunities of pregnancy using with ICSI technique. This procedure involved careful dissection of epididymal under the operating microscope and incision of a single tubule

MESA has various advantages of minimizing contamination of epididymal fluid with blood cells, repeated aspiration can be performed and aspiration of sufficient quantities of fluid for immediate use as well as for cryopreservation. It is the most precise approach for sperm cryopreservation as the epididymis is directly visualized under magnification.

MESA and IVF/ICSI are complement to each other and are an essential component for assisted reproduction technique. The men with vassal agenesis condition (in which the vas deferens or drainage system of the testicle fails to develop) are most common candidates for MESA technique.

The devices which are used during the procedure is known as aspiration device that is fine enough to be able to pierce successfully and allows retrieval of high numbers of sperm with optimal quality for immediate use during ICSI and IVF (cryopreservation). Together MESA and ICSI provide optimal pregnancy and give good results where the man has unreconstructable reproductive tract obstruction.

Procedure is complex and requires significant manipulation of the human gametes i.e. eggs and sperm. The success rate of MESA and IVF or ICSI largely depends on clinic experience and microsurgical technique which plays a great role in this procedure. Additionally this technique is most successful with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, as by direct sperm injection into the oocyte cytoplasm, it allow to achieve pregnancy and also very important for the success of MESA.

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