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Surrogacy laws india

Surrogacy Laws

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Legality of surrogacy

Surrogacy Laws India

The practice of surrogacy started long back in Indian history. With the development of biological science and advanced techniques, the barrier of becoming and enjoying the parenthood are no longer and over the years, this practice becomes more convenient and organized to help various infertile couples.

The term “Surrogacy” is accepted worldwide, and still in some countries, it is banned due to several reasons, biological or otherwise. But Indian Government makes it completely legal and makes your journey full of happiness to hold the hands of your child.

Commercial surrogacy is legalized procedure in India and there are various fertility clinics available that take care of the legal and medical complications arises during the procedure.

Intended parents should be aware about each and every legal aspect involved in the procedure and as a part of our services we make sure to guide you surrogacy laws in India and will assist you to overcome any local barrier. Surrogate and intended parents both requires to sign a legal agreement in front of professional lawyer, which comprises of some rights and duties such as:

  • All the expenses of medical including hospital charges, doctor fees, medication, tests charges and other related expenses, shall be borne by the couple or intended parents.
  • Compensation of surrogate mother must be cleared and is the responsibility of couple to borne and give her after or in advance the procedure.
  • A surrogate mother must relinquish all her parental rights over the child.
  • The birth certificate of born child must bear the name of genetically related parents/parent to that child.
  • The couple seeking surrogacy must be legally bounded to accept the custody of the child born and cannot refuse in between the procedure etc.

Surrogacy laws in books and in actual practice is quite different, it is always advisable to confirm your rights in the procedure so that you can hold the hand of your child legally for life long.

Surrogacy Laws in India

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