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About Us

Ideal Fertility Clinic India.

Mission & Vision

We believe everyone has right to become parents whether he/she is not able to conceive naturally and that’s why we have achieved comparatively high pregnancy rate. Our dedicated and whole hearted efforts make this believe real for various infertile couples.

Advance Treatment

With growing Science and with the experience for more than two decades, we have advance treatment option with state of art facilities and become best ivf center in india

From simple IVF to ICSI, blastocyst, Surrogacy to Egg Donation. We have all treatments under one roof with best of testing and research facilities. We offer Female Fertility Treatment and Male Fertility treatment in India as well.

Why Ideal Fertility

We are one of the Best IVF Clinic in India and Our main objective is to offer all required IVF, infertility related treatment services under one roof at very low ivf cost in india. As a Top fertility centers in india, we do a package deal for whole cycle with no hidden cost like lab charges, consulting fees, blood tests, etc.

The total cost for IVF will be around US $2750 and for IVF with ICSI, it will be around US $3000 (compare it with any center in the world).

Low cost Treatment

The reason behind such low cost treatment is that our expectations are less and drugs here in India are cheaper, but we never compromise with the quality of treatment offered.

To assure you, we are with same international brand equipments, disposables and hi- tech operating rooms.

Doctors and Team

Dr. D’Pankar Banerji, medical director and head infertility Top specialist of this center, is a qualified Gynecologist and doing all infertility related treatments for which he has received extensive training and provide best consultation to the infertile couples.

Dr. Mrs. Rinku Banerji, is a qualified pathologist working as a dedicated embryologist and doing egg handling, sperm processing, sperm and embryo freezing etc. She has been trained for all these techniques.